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How To Create Impact By Talking Like Ted At Interviews And Landing Your Dream Job I’m an avid reader and the Audible app is my new best friend!  I love walking to and from work while making my way through my reading list.   One book that's piqued my interest is  Carmine Gallo’s new book - Talk Like TED: The 9-Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds  - it is quite a thought provoking and practical book.  Definitely worth a read. During the book, my creative juices starting flowing and I started thinking how we could apply Gallo's principles as candidates at interviews, to differentiate ourselves from the competition while creating massive impact on the hiring manager and landing our dream job. The below strategies outline how you can apply these principles during your interview, for more a deeper background on each, I highly recommend the book.   Unleash the master within When sitting opposite an interviewer, speaking about your background and your profession, do not be afraid to let go and show how passionate you are.   Passion and enthusiasm sells and piques interest of others in you!   Do your eyes light up when you talk about the most recent product you built, or the projects you have been working on?   Show your enthusiasm and in turn you will inspire the people around you.   Tell three stories Pick three projects, ideally within the last 5yrs that demonstrates your skills for the role you have applied to.   Tell a story, not just full of facts and figures.   As a species w e love hearing and telling stories as they connect us.   Look at your career, projects, accomplishments and structure a well crafted story to highlight your core competences.   Practice relentlessly This is where everyone falls down...the number one reason why most candidates fail at interviews from my experience is due to very little preparation.  “Why do I need to practice, I already know myself?” This is what I hear on a daily basis.   Unless you can talk about your career in a structured and inspiring way, and feel so comfortable that it feels like you are having a beer with a best will need to practice until you internalise the content and know yourself inside out.   Teach your audience something new Do not under estimate what you have done and achieved in your career.   Some companies may have never been exposed to the same things that you have, this is the value-add you can bring to the table.   Deliver jaw-dropping moments Elicit an emotional response from your interviewer, such as joy, shock, or feeling impressed, by always opening with the results you have achieved and highlighting the commercial impact your results had on the business, have you saved the company money?  Made the company money?  Increased efficiencies?   Use humour without telling a joke Humour defuses a lot of situations, it lowers defences and makes people more receptive to your message.   It makes you more likeable, which in turn will make people want to work with you.   Be natural and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself :)   Stick to the 18-minute rule An interview is a two-way conversation, however do be mindful of how much talking you are really doing.   The 18-minutes is ideal for TED presenters to get their main points across and is plenty of time for your to give an overview of your career and projects.  Let the interviewer lead the interview.   Paint a metal picture Ensure when you are talking to the interviewer that you are painting a mental picture, bringing in various multi-sensory experiences by describing the projects you have worked on using the five senses.   The human brain loves multi-sensory experiences.   Stay in your lane Be open, authentic and at times and show vulnerability.   People hire people they like and have connected to.   If you present yourself as your ultra-ego instead of your true, authentic self, you risk portraying an image filled of insecurities and self-doubt.    Yes, you do have to sell yourself however you can do it by opening up and showing a little vulnerability/humility rather than shouting from the roof-tops.   I hope you gained some valuable insight with the strategies outlined here.  Do practice them and then give it a go, I'm sure you'll have some positive feedback to share.    Author: Charlene Coleman , MD of HP|konnect 
Who Am I?  Self awareness is an important skill to foster during the life of your career.   As a developer, do you understand what type of developer you are and how that can impact your career? We are here to help you.  First phase; understanding your current profile and then we'll gain an understanding of the profile employers love and finally, bridging the gap (if any) between you and your goals. By understanding who you are, you can develop a roadmap to get to where you want to go.   Knowing who you are and how to communicate this effectively can dramatically increase your chances of landing that dream job.  You will gain a deeper understanding of what companies are a good fit for you and understand the warning signals from both a company culture and role perspective, so you will not waste time with the wrong companies. There are 9 profiles of developers we have found both from our own research interviewing various developers on a daily basis and by our supported research into “Developer’s Personas”.   Persona #1 - The Educated Developer Have you spent most of your career in academia?   Developing as part of research for your Masters or PHD?   If you answered yes to these questions, you may be an “Academia Developer”.   You enjoy using your raw intellect to solve hard programming problems.   Persona #2 - The Enterprise Developer Do you have a strong academic background?   Have you experience with larger companies like Oracle, IBM, SAP?   Do you long to work with a startup?   Is your core skill Java using an IDE such as Eclipse?   If so, you should like the “Enterprise Developer”, with limited experience (if any) of having ownership of projects end to end.    Persona #3 - The Experimental Developer Can you write code quickly, and tend to produce clean code?   Do you think about how to solve coding problems or do you just dive in?   If you tend to just dive in and work it out as you go along, you may be classified as a “Experimental Developer”.   You jump in, and solve issues as you go through trail and error.   Your speed at writing code helps you become productive.    Persona #4 - The Product Developer Do you tend to perform well in technical interviews?   Do your colleagues ask you to help them a lot?   Is coding a means to an end to improve the product?   Do you find yourself seeking out conversations with customers about the product’s functionality a lot?   If so, you may fall under the “Product Developer” profile where you are more motivated about how the product is created rather than core technical problems.    Persona #5 - The Child Prodigy Have you been coding since you were very young?   Have you turned down meeting your friends because you were in the middle of developing a game or solving a programming problem?   Have you many side projects, both for fun and to learn & develop new skills?   Did you skip college and go straight to the workforce?   If so, you sound like the “Child Prodigy Developer”.   You will most likely found your own company by the time you are 30.    Persona #6 - The Practical Developer Do you love the ruby, python or javascript languages?   Do you find it difficult to “get” computer science terminologies?   Is your understanding of computers at a high level?   Can you solve practical programming issues with ease?   If so, you may be classified as the “Practical Developer” and love solving abstract programs.   Persona #7 - The Strong Junior Are you just out of college?   Maybe you have a few internships under your belt?   Do you have various of side projects going on at once?   Do you absolutely love coding and technical interviews?   If yes, you sound like the “Strong Junior Developer”.   You are above average and will understand computer science like it’s second nature.    Persona #8 - The Technical Developer Are you highly motivated by technical challenges?   Do you find yourself getting lost for hours over complex technical problems?   Would you rather leave the product decisions and user experience challenges to others in your team?   If so, you sound like the “Technical Developer”, you love solving all things technical and have tunnel focus in doing so.   Persona #9 - The Experienced Rusty Do you have a lot of exposure to various technical stacks?   Have you formed a mental pro’s and con’s list of each?   Do you understand various databases?   Does it take you a little while to get to the right place when coding, however you find it eventually especially in an interview environment?   If so, you may fall into the “Rusty but Experienced Developer” profile.   In the coming weeks we will dissect each developer profile offering you ideas and solutions that will help you build a successful career plan.   We will evaluate what type of companies and projects you should be trying to gain exposure to and give you an overview of what type of profile different companies are seeking.   Author:  Charlene Coleman , MD of HP|konnect 
Recruitment is simply having access to the right people at the right time, interested in your company and the opportunity you’s not rocket science, yet why is it so difficult? Todays CEOs plan to increase headcount and are concerned that the skill shortage could impair their company's growth, according to PwC's 20th CEO Survey. "52% plan to increase headcount, but can’t find people with the right skills" "77% of CEOs are concerned that a shortage of key skills could impair their company’s growth" source: pwc 20th CEO survey Sourcing the right candidate is time consuming, the competition is fierce and the recruitment process can be utterly unpredictable, sometimes overly frustrating for CEOs, hiring managers and HR/recruiters alike. So how can we ensure a steady stream of relevant candidates with the right skill set, the right culture fit and available at the right time?  Develop a sourcing machine that has access to your target candidate market and consistently give this TLC, easy right? …Or simply leverage our sourcing machine, an easier option! Our internal processes, here at HP|konnect ensure we are consistently sourcing, engaging and speaking with your target candidate market in the Design, Development, Digital and Data spheres. Researchers We have an internal research team who are constantly pushing out to the far corners of the “interweb” sourcing our illusive candidates day in and day out, finding the ones that don’t really want to be found.  From the small time bloggers-as-a-passion to key attendees at leading industry events along with many other innovative strategies they deploy.   Evangelists We have evangelists in many countries across Europe, attending meetups, eating pizza and having beers with your target candidate market.  They are your target candidate market and help promote HP|konnect to an untapped source of people who are excited and want to hear about the opportunities you have.  They are at universities, training schools and even surf/adventure clubs.  They hang where your target candidate market hangs. Partnerships We have strong partnerships with independent recruiters, located across Europe…some are location independent and travel the world while working remotely.  From Hungary to Poland to Austria.  We work together closely to ensure you find the right candidate at the right time. Consultants We have people on the ground in Dublin, London, Romania, Kenya, and India collaborating to ensure an outstanding candidate experience.  Working closely with the candidate, understanding them both from a professional and personal perspective while guiding them through our screening process and presenting the right opportunities to them. Automation A core value of our culture is to automate as much of the process as possible to save time and increase efficiencies on how we deliver our daily work.  This value does not overtake or compromise our commitment to quality.  Automation allows us to free up time which is reallocated that to building relationships with our candidate and client network. Machine Learning The geek side of our culture has been fulfilled over the past few months while playing with our new technology.  It's currently work-in-progress however it has been supplying candidates up to a 90% fit and evolving every day. Screening Our goal is to provide companies with access to the Top 7% of relevant European talent - which involves a much deeper screening process that most recruiting agencies: Personality/cultural fit screen (face to face) Technical test (peer-to-peer reviews, code is provided upon candidate submission) Face to face live project test Candidates are encouraged to continue their personal development excellence  Candidates who do not pass first time can reapply in 6 months after working on their improvement areas to become the Top 7%. If you are struggling with your recruitment requirements and would like to speak to me directly, please call +353 (1) 531 2221.    Author: Charlene Coleman , MD of HP|konnect
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HP|konnect Dublin, Ireland
The Opportunity: We are currently recruiting for one of our Global clients for a Senior Front End Developer to work with one of Dublin's top SAAS technology companies on  a range of exciting projects. The Senior Front End Developer will be joining a multi talented team and will participate within a Scrum team environment. The Company: The company works across the globe on high end software products and has been voted one of Ireland's top companies to work for. #Kulturekode:  A Fantastic culture and a happy and friendly workforce . The Role: To lead initiative to improve current quality standards and productivity To ensure audit and quality standards are maintained across all technical areas To Develop and unit test a variety of components to the agreed standards to enhance the current and future product offerings To work as part of a multi skilled development team within a scrum environment To participate in all daily scrums , sprints and reviews, sprint planning etc To analyse all business requirements to be able to produce functional specifications To propose alternative technical solution based on different techniques and architectures to provide accurate development timescales To collaborate and communicate with members of the development team and provide mentoring and guidance where required and appropriate Experience : 4 years + experience within a senior level Front End Development role Previous experience of guiding and mentoring team members Strong communication skills both verbally and written Good collaborator to work and communicate with other teams Ability to communicate well with other office locations and a remote team To have the experience and ability to help launch new projects and follow them through to completion Strong attention to detail Experience within an agile environment Tech Stack: Javascript HTML5/CSS JQuery/ Angular RESTful APIs GIT/SQL   Qualifications: A Degree in Computer Science or another related field OR , proven equivalent work expertise Apply If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply by clicking the button below…better yet, if you have 2mins to complete our  “Pre-Screen Survey”  please do so, it will save a lot of your time in the process :) A lot of candidates we speak to hate repeating themselves to recruiters, over and over again, saying the same info.  However, us recruiters need your information to make an informed decision as to whether the job opportunity is right for you –  we have come up with a solution to eliminate this .  Don’t worry, your information is safe with us.  We will never share your data with any third party without your full prior written permission.  Alternatively, please forward your CV to  and we’ll be in touch soon.  Thank you.
HP|konnect Dublin, Ireland
The Opportunity You will be challenged both technically and from your growth perspective with this role. You will be reporting into the VP of Engineering, who sits in the same office as you with a team of 15+ on the development team.    They have a diverse team of designers, marketers and writers all contributing to a leading sports entertainment website.   The Company Our client is working on various projects for an international sports entertainment website, with a large sportsbook, a casino and poker games as the lead projects.  They are seeking a ruby developer like you to join their team in Dublin.   #kulturekode They have a great company culture, work-life balance – the office is a ghost house come 5.30pm!!  It’s quite relaxed atmosphere however very busy.  They value you, your input and you are sure to be heard.  Growth and development is a big part of their culture.  You will sit beside the best and senior minds in this industry and your clients are inhouse – therefore no crazy demand or silly deadlines.   Technical Stack Ruby on Rails (4.1) Ember.js SQL Sever RSpec Git Ubuntu Java Python   Apply If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply by clicking the button below…better yet, if you have 2mins to complete our   “Pre-Screen Survey”   please do so, it will save a lot of your time in the process J   A lot of candidates we speak to hate repeating themselves to recruiters, over and over again, saying the same info.  However, us recruiters need your information to make an informed decision as to whether the job opportunity is right for you –   we have come up with a solution to eliminate this .   Don’t worry, your information is safe with us.  We will never share your data with any third party without your full prior written permission.  Alternatively, please forward your CV to   and we’ll be in touch soon.  Thank you.
HP|konnect Dublin, Ireland
The Opportunity A start up based in Dublin city centre is seeking A junior technical account manager to work on various complex projects in a high volume technical environment.  You will be part of an intelligent technical team and will gain exposure to new trends and technologies.   The Company They are building a next generation platform with complex algorithms and machine learning technology to deliver robust solution to their customers.  There are a few co-founders who have secured investment from leaders in the industry and have proven success over the past couple of years.  The senior management are very technical (C++ developers) and are investing so much in their technology as a USP in the marketplace.  In turn, investing in your future.   They have offices in Dublin, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and are growing rapidly throughout Europe.  Dublin will be their tech hub.   #KultureKode Startup feel, close-knit team with a lot of experience internally.  Very quirky and highly intelligent.  You will be sitting close to both the CEO and CTO, they are both are technical co-founders.  Problem solvers, through and through.  Very passionate about their mission and are bubbling under the radar.  You will be part of this amazing success story.   The Role: A new junior position as Tech Account Manager to join this fantastic team and company.   Skills/tech stack: Frontend skills Have previous experience working within a client facing environment Working Knowledge of using CSS/HTML Basic concepts of JavaScript Basic concepts to how create a website Can create 'mini-websites' internally for their clients Can create landing pages for various digital campaigns. You will be work closely with the commercial team. Would be an extra plus if you have had previous experience with digital advertising. Apply If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply by clicking the button below…better yet, if you have 2 mins to complete our  “Pre-Screen Survey”  please do so, it will save a lot of your time in the process :)   A lot of candidates we speak to hate repeating themselves to recruiters, over and over again, saying the same info.  However, us recruiters need your information to make an informed decision as to whether the job opportunity is right for you –  we have come up with a solution to eliminate this .   Don’t worry, your information is safe with us.  We will never share your data with any third party without your full prior written permission.  Alternatively, please forward your CV to  and we’ll be in touch soon.  Thank you.

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