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It's Not Rocket Science...Just A Sourcing Machine.

Recruitment is simply having access to the right people at the right time, interested in your company and the opportunity you’s not rocket science, yet why is it so difficult?

Todays CEOs plan to increase headcount and are concerned that the skill shortage could impair their company's growth, according to PwC's 20th CEO Survey.

"52% plan to increase headcount, but can’t find people with the right skills"

"77% of CEOs are concerned that a shortage of key skills could impair their company’s growth"

source: pwc 20th CEO survey

Sourcing the right candidate is time consuming, the competition is fierce and the recruitment process can be utterly unpredictable, sometimes overly frustrating for CEOs, hiring managers and HR/recruiters alike.

So how can we ensure a steady stream of relevant candidates with the right skill set, the right culture fit and available at the right time?  Develop a sourcing machine that has access to your target candidate market and consistently give this TLC, easy right?

…Or simply leverage our sourcing machine, an easier option!

Our internal processes, here at HP|konnect ensure we are consistently sourcing, engaging and speaking with your target candidate market in the Design, Development, Digital and Data spheres.


We have an internal research team who are constantly pushing out to the far corners of the “interweb” sourcing our illusive candidates day in and day out, finding the ones that don’t really want to be found.  From the small time bloggers-as-a-passion to key attendees at leading industry events along with many other innovative strategies they deploy.  


We have evangelists in many countries across Europe, attending meetups, eating pizza and having beers with your target candidate market.  They are your target candidate market and help promote HP|konnect to an untapped source of people who are excited and want to hear about the opportunities you have.  They are at universities, training schools and even surf/adventure clubs.  They hang where your target candidate market hangs.


We have strong partnerships with independent recruiters, located across Europe…some are location independent and travel the world while working remotely.  From Hungary to Poland to Austria.  We work together closely to ensure you find the right candidate at the right time.


We have people on the ground in Dublin, London, Romania, Kenya, and India collaborating to ensure an outstanding candidate experience.  Working closely with the candidate, understanding them both from a professional and personal perspective while guiding them through our screening process and presenting the right opportunities to them.


A core value of our culture is to automate as much of the process as possible to save time and increase efficiencies on how we deliver our daily work.  This value does not overtake or compromise our commitment to quality.  Automation allows us to free up time which is reallocated that to building relationships with our candidate and client network.

Machine Learning

The geek side of our culture has been fulfilled over the past few months while playing with our new technology.  It's currently work-in-progress however it has been supplying candidates up to a 90% fit and evolving every day.


Our goal is to provide companies with access to the Top 7% of relevant European talent - which involves a much deeper screening process that most recruiting agencies:

  1. Personality/cultural fit screen (face to face)
  2. Technical test (peer-to-peer reviews, code is provided upon candidate submission)
  3. Face to face live project test
  4. Candidates are encouraged to continue their personal development excellence 

Candidates who do not pass first time can reapply in 6 months after working on their improvement areas to become the Top 7%.

If you are struggling with your recruitment requirements and would like to speak to me directly, please call +353 (1) 531 2221. 


Author: Charlene Coleman, MD of HP|konnect