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Which Developer Are You?

Who Am I? 

Self awareness is an important skill to foster during the life of your career.  As a developer, do you understand what type of developer you are and how that can impact your career?

We are here to help you.  First phase; understanding your current profile and then we'll gain an understanding of the profile employers love and finally, bridging the gap (if any) between you and your goals.

By understanding who you are, you can develop a roadmap to get to where you want to go. 

Knowing who you are and how to communicate this effectively can dramatically increase your chances of landing that dream job. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of what companies are a good fit for you and understand the warning signals from both a company culture and role perspective, so you will not waste time with the wrong companies.

There are 9 profiles of developers we have found both from our own research interviewing various developers on a daily basis and by our supported research into “Developer’s Personas”.


Persona #1 - The Educated Developer

Have you spent most of your career in academia?  Developing as part of research for your Masters or PHD?  If you answered yes to these questions, you may be an “Academia Developer”.  You enjoy using your raw intellect to solve hard programming problems.


Persona #2 - The Enterprise Developer

Do you have a strong academic background?  Have you experience with larger companies like Oracle, IBM, SAP?  Do you long to work with a startup?  Is your core skill Java using an IDE such as Eclipse?  If so, you should like the “Enterprise Developer”, with limited experience (if any) of having ownership of projects end to end.


Persona #3 - The Experimental Developer

Can you write code quickly, and tend to produce clean code?  Do you think about how to solve coding problems or do you just dive in?  If you tend to just dive in and work it out as you go along, you may be classified as a “Experimental Developer”.  You jump in, and solve issues as you go through trail and error.  Your speed at writing code helps you become productive.


Persona #4 - The Product Developer

Do you tend to perform well in technical interviews?  Do your colleagues ask you to help them a lot?  Is coding a means to an end to improve the product?  Do you find yourself seeking out conversations with customers about the product’s functionality a lot?  If so, you may fall under the “Product Developer” profile where you are more motivated about how the product is created rather than core technical problems.


Persona #5 - The Child Prodigy

Have you been coding since you were very young?  Have you turned down meeting your friends because you were in the middle of developing a game or solving a programming problem?  Have you many side projects, both for fun and to learn & develop new skills?  Did you skip college and go straight to the workforce?  If so, you sound like the “Child Prodigy Developer”.  You will most likely found your own company by the time you are 30.


Persona #6 - The Practical Developer

Do you love the ruby, python or javascript languages?  Do you find it difficult to “get” computer science terminologies?  Is your understanding of computers at a high level?  Can you solve practical programming issues with ease?  If so, you may be classified as the “Practical Developer” and love solving abstract programs.


Persona #7 - The Strong Junior

Are you just out of college?  Maybe you have a few internships under your belt?  Do you have various of side projects going on at once?  Do you absolutely love coding and technical interviews?  If yes, you sound like the “Strong Junior Developer”.  You are above average and will understand computer science like it’s second nature.


Persona #8 - The Technical Developer

Are you highly motivated by technical challenges?  Do you find yourself getting lost for hours over complex technical problems?  Would you rather leave the product decisions and user experience challenges to others in your team?  If so, you sound like the “Technical Developer”, you love solving all things technical and have tunnel focus in doing so.


Persona #9 - The Experienced Rusty

Do you have a lot of exposure to various technical stacks?  Have you formed a mental pro’s and con’s list of each?  Do you understand various databases?  Does it take you a little while to get to the right place when coding, however you find it eventually especially in an interview environment?  If so, you may fall into the “Rusty but Experienced Developer” profile.


In the coming weeks we will dissect each developer profile offering you ideas and solutions that will help you build a successful career plan.  We will evaluate what type of companies and projects you should be trying to gain exposure to and give you an overview of what type of profile different companies are seeking.


Author: Charlene Coleman, MD of HP|konnect