About Us

 Connecting People.  Creating Impact.

For all the technology we use, none of it works without people (apart from the crazy robots Elon Musk is building that may potentially, actually take over, but that’s a conversation for another time). Right now, we need humans to make the tech, operate the tech, come up with the incredible tech ideas and people to get excited about the tech. Which is why we started HP|konnect. To ‘konnect’ the humans to the companies to ensure innovative, long-lasting and productive relationships.


The right opportunity can change lives and transform companies, and we work with our networks to pair the best talent in the market to amazing companies.


 We offer clients:

  • Mobile, Product, Design & QA recruitment
  • Flexible solution offerings, tailored to your requirements
  • Market Intel
  • Trends Insights
  • Recruitment Strategy Consultancy

…and a promise never to blow up your phone or be that annoying recruiter who won’t leave you alone. We understand boundaries.


We offer candidates:

  • Career planning and guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • CV writing tips
  • Job search blueprint
  • Market intel
  • Insights to companies we work with and their culture
  • Social media presentation advice
  • Technical tests
  • Salary negotiation

…and because we like the personal touch, a face-to-face meet in one of the amazing cafes around Dublin, or a Skype date.


HP|konnect are the Tech Recruitment Division of Hartley People Group.