Work For Us


If you hate sitting in an office all day working a 9 to 5, why are you doing it?

Life has changed, business has evolved and technology has created a new way of living, one that we welcome with open arms at HP|konnect.

You can work in our offices, or remotely from home, wherever home is. Currently our employees are based in our Dublin office, in London, in Bucharest, in Kenya and even as far as India.

We work in a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) infrastructure that supports our people to create their own work patterns and schedule, with innovation and creativity underpinning everything we do.

You can be a Ninja sourcer focusing on the full 360 hiring cycle, or you can be an Independent, a commission only structure using our resources and brand, or you might want to be an Entrepreneur, striving to build your own recruitment business under the HPK brand. You could even start as a full employee, and later move to a commission structure and then onto an Entrepreneur. The point is, there is space to move around in this house.

Some more good ideas we had include:

  • High commission structure; 25% -50% uncapped
  • Profit share/equity
  • Rewarded for results
  • Flexibility
  • Remote working
  • Strong training and development programs

It sounds great right? But it’s not for everyone. Some people want to relax in a 9-5 without worrying about providing results. Some people want to sit in an office all day and daydream out the window. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FINE, but that’s not what we do here.


We work fast and free. We move about our offices, our homes and other countries to stay inspired and creative. We love responsibilities and goals and take on as much as we can. We’re addicted to achievement and are always running to hit the next target.

80% of our clients are exclusive, we’re backed by the Hartley People Group, we operate across Ireland, London and Romania and we’re redefining recruitment with a blend of technology, marketing and the human approach. We’ve got work to do.


If you like the way we work and think, ‘dammnit this is exactly what I’ve been looking for’ then let’s talk. CVs are boring to read and even worse to write, so don’t bother sending us that. Instead, just answer these three questions:

  1.     What were your top 3 achievements and how did they make you feel?
  2.     What are your honest aspirations for your career?
  3.     Marmite, yes or no?


Email your answers to and let’s start having conversations.