Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

  • HP|konnect
  • worldwide
  • 02/10/2018
Permanent Backend Dev Mobile Dev Management .Net C++ Recruitment Consultant

Job Description

The Opportunity

We, HP|konnect are currently expanding our team and require an experienced Senior IT recruitment consultant. 

This is your chance to put your stamp on recruitment.  You will learn, grow and develop in many other ways that will lead to your success in business.

We are different!


The Company

HP|konnect is a relatively new brand in the marketplace, we are the IT division of Hartley People Group, who have been trading for 15 yrs. 

Our mission is to “Share Opportunity With The World, One Konnection At A Time” while building a flexible and fun environment for our employees.

Our client portfolio ranges from tech startups to corporates, who are at the leading edge of innovation…as most of our clients do not wear suits, either do we.



HP|konnect have an autonomous however very supportive culture, where people have the freedom to structure their work as they see fit.  We have employees in our Dublin office, Waterford, London and a few more overseas as we are building a semi-remote recruitment company, that allows you the freedom to work from home…if that’s your thing! 

Check out our #kulturekode video

We value our work, while making an impact to both the company’s and candidate’s experience.  We hire intelligent people and trust that they can deliver.  We embrace individuality and believe that everyone has value to add.  We value downtime just as much as high productivity.  We value collaboration, innovation and just having the craic J

You are not, and never will be a clog in the machine.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Our approach to recruitment is a mesh between the agile/scrum/kanban methodologies and our evolving recruitment processes.  This allows us to work at our optimum productivity levels without burnout, long hours or exhaustion and gives you the ownership you need to become successful.


The Role

  • Research and identify great candidates for our clients
  • Have a coffee with our clients and develop a deeper relationship with them, ensure you are adding value
  • Maximize the return from social media incl. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc.
  • Be a candidate magnet via various candidate generation strategies
  • Add value and develop relationships with all candidates in your market, by taking them for a coffee or lunch otherwise a Skype pizza date is suffice
  • Use your creativity to work with our marketing team and develop dazzling campaigns for both your B2C & B2B markets
  • Always be on the lookout for new business opportunities and closing when required
  • Network within the business community locally and internationally to become a referral magnet
  • General recruitment admin (the boring stuff – although admin support is provided for the recruitment team)
  • Add hoc duties may be required from time to time



  • Minimum 1 year recruitment agency experience
  • Experience with any of the following markets:
    • Back-end development (Java, C++, Python, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Pearl, Go, C#)
    • Mobile Development (iOS, Android)
  • Sufficient experience with social media, X-ray searching, and cool sourcing-ninja techniques
  • Can relate to strangers on the phone and make them feel comfortable with you instantly
  • Know how to have a laugh


If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply by clicking the button below…better yet, if you have 2mins to complete our “Pre-Screen Survey” please do so, it will save a lot of your time in the process :)

A lot of candidates we speak to hate repeating themselves to recruiters, over and over again, saying the same info.  However, us recruiters need your information to make an informed decision as to whether the job opportunity is right for you – we have come up with a solution to eliminate this.

Don’t worry, your information is safe with us.  We will never share your data with any third party without your full prior written permission.  Alternatively, please forward your CV to and we’ll be in touch soon.  Thank you.

Job Tags

Python, Ruby, C#, .Net, C++, Node.js, PHP7, iOS, Android, Agency, B2B Marketing, CRM