Refer a Friend & Receive a New iPhone 8

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to HP|konnect Referral Incentive.

The person making the referral is hereinafter called the “Referrer”.

The person referred for a role is hereinafter called the “Referee”.

Terms for all referrals:

  • To be eligible for the award of the iPhone the “Referee” must complete a 3 month tenure in a temporary/contract or permanent placement.
  • To be eligible to submit a referral, the referrer must be registered with HP|konnect.
  • The referrer must have the permission of the referee to put their details forward in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.  HP|konnect will not be held responsible for any loss or claim as a result of the referrer’s submittal.
  • Referees are only accepted if they are not previously registered on the HP|konnect Database.
  • The Referee must be placed in a role within 12 months of the date of the referral in order for the referrer to be eligible for the iPhone.


  • The Referee must have completed their probation period or a 3 month period in a contract/temporary placement in order to qualify for this scheme.
  • The Referrer must be a candidate already registered with HP|konnect in order to be eligible for the ‘Reward’.
  • The voucher can be claimed by the referrer once the referee has reached their 3 month tenure in the company.
  • Cash alternatives are not available. Once the iPhone is presented, it is the responsibility of the referrer.
  • Multiple referrals can be made by the referrer.
  • The referrer must claim the voucher after the 3 month period is reached.
  • The latest iPhone model can be claimed.


In order to make a valid referral the online form must be completed. Any other referrals made by email, telephone or otherwise will not be accepted and the referrer will not be eligible to take part in the refer a friend incentive.


Please complete the Refer A friend Form in order to be eligible for the voucher.