Product Manager

  • Product Manager
  • Europe
  • 23/04/2019
Permanent Mobile Dev Product Manager

Personal Summary

  • 3yrs solid Product Management experience
  • Working in a mobile dev agency, as a Lead Product Manager on various accounts - making product strategy decisions.  He's been either one of two or the only product manager on each account


  • Salary Expectations:  55-60k
  • Availability:  4 weeks
  • Visa Status:  EU Citizen / Spanish
  • Seeking relocation

Work Experience

  • He's working in a fast paced environment, managing 4 clients concurrently with 2wk sprints (could have two iterations in a week)
  • When he was in XXX Group - they built and launched their own product as well as being an agency, he was responsible for this, the tech was built when he joined and he helped take it to market, they had to find product market fit, launch and scale.  The product was XXX Analytics (mobile analytics)
  • Worked across a range of apps with user bases from 50k - 3million
  • Various industries: travel, fashion, retail, fintech, telco, payments, food, gaming, sports, loyalty and real estate
  • Gaming app ranked in top 3 - iOS and Android game category - the week after publishing
  • Restaurant app ranked in Top 3 - general ranking for a month
  • Coach app booking increase in a 10% MoM
  • Flip flop sales through app and web increase in a 25% YoY
  • More than 3 million of registered users in a supermarket ecommerce App
  • More than 2 million of monthly active users in a fast food restaurant app with more than 10 million offers redeemed through the app
  • First real state company in Spain with mobile access in their buildings integrated in their own app
  • First hotel company in Spain with mobile access in their rooms through the company app. First hotel company with facial recognition for check-in.
  • Product management of the first car fuelling process and payment through an app 
  • Data driven - his core metrics are conversion and user experience (the intersection) also responsible for various metrics: Sessions, Unique vs recurrent users, Visit duration, Page number, Average ticket, Average basket, Funnel conversion, LTV, Churn, ROI, All the KPIs compared mobile vs desktop, All the KPIs compared iOS vs Android, App downloads, Users acquisition, Users registration vs app downloads, CPA, CPI, Heatmaps etc
  • Commerical experience with: Building Roadmaps, Story creation, Agile/Scrum, Value propositions, Go-to market strategy, ASO, Firebase, Designing KPIs/OKRs, Effective positioning, Google Analytics etc