Charlene Coleman, Co-Founder & MD

Nicknamed "Mad Scientist" with a slight resemblance to "Doc" from Back to the Future (with both the hair & personality).  A passionate entrepreneur that's on a mission to "Share Opportunity with the World, One konnection at a time".  She has left a footprint in many countries and looks forward to time-travelling...a quantum enthusiast.

Fergal Hartley, Co-Founder

A hurling enthusiast.  A serial entrepreneur & responsible for recruitment, training and outplacement within the Hartley People Group.

Roisin Hartley, Co-Founder

Another serial entrepreneur.  Fergal's sister and not his wife, it's easily mistaken...both of them are "partners in crime" building many successful businesses through hard work and determination.  Roisin is responsible for both the Training & Clannad Care businesses of the Hartley People Group.

Lauren Hoban, Technical Career Consultant

Justin Bieber's number 1 fan...and not embarrassed to admit it!  Lauren loves all things digital, she has a million notifications on her phone and could possibly suffer with an attention deficit disorder, saying that she always delivers.

Ruth Gradus, Technical Career Consultant

A deep love for animals, every time you speak with her she's minding a new  Lives in the outskirts of London surrounded by fields and stables, in her element. Has the longest tenure in recruitment, across various markets and multi-country.

Caoimhe Suipeil, Marketing Manager

A messy perfectionist with a passion for perfect symmetry, social media and fashion.She loves travel and food, when both of these are combined then she is in her happy place. Caoimhe is always right! The sooner the rest of the world realises the easier it will be on all of us.

Ciara O'Byrne, Finance Manager

Ciara is the money woman, nothing gets past her. She loves the numbers and hates people...she’s a softie really though.

Wangari Kamau, GVA

There's only one little man in her life, her son. Wangari adds the horsepower to HP|konnect's internal engine, ensuring everything runs smoothly. She's a PA to the MD, a social media guru, a consistent generator of ideas and more importantly she keeps us all in check.