Work For HP|konnect



 We are always looking for great talent, in business development, recruitment, sales and marketing.  

What we value most is our people, we are building an environment where we are challenging the status quo and having a lot of fun in the interim.  This is a creative and innovative environment that nurtures the entrepreneur within you.  

We want people who are prepared to push boundaries responsibly and deliver on promises made.  In return, we have set up a remote environment so you can work from home, your desk or anywhere else that floats your boat.  On top of that, we pay 25% on commissions and have multiple opportunities for you to generate income.

...while giving you the best training & systems to achieve your goals.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, mosey along and send your CV to with "I want to work for HPK" on the subject line...and embrace the challenge!